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Simple Wholesome Pita - Part 2

Today is pita bread baking day!

Our dough from day 1 looks something like this:

Scrape it off the sides of the container into a ball shape:

Then flip it onto a clean work surface:

Fold it once on itself:

Then roll it by hand into a log shape:

Cut it in half:

Then cut the half in halves:


Until you have 8 roughly equal pieces in size:

One edge piece at a time, flatten:

First fold:

Second fold:

Third fold:

Fourth fold:

And place it back in the container:

One middle piece at a time, flatten:

Fold one:

Fold two:

Place it in the container:

Repeat until you do all eight:

Cover the container and let them rise while the oven preheats to 525 with a baking steel:

About an hour later:

Grab some fresh flour:

Place a dough ball in the flour:

Then flip it:

And gently deflate it on the work surface:

First by hand:

Then using a rolling pin:

Until it's very thin:

Flip it onto the peel:

And slide it onto the hot baking steel:

Watch it puff up like a balloon:

Then remove it and place it on a cooling rack:

Repeat for the rest of the dough balls:

Let them cool completely before bagging them. You may freeze them for long term enjoyment!




No knead: Make the yeast do the work for you.​


Crumbs: While baking, cover the dough to obtain a crust.


Reliable: Always measure your ingredients.

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