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Big Pita Biga Day 2

Today is pita bread making day. The dough we put together yesterday should look like this:

Flip it onto a lightly floured working surface:

Shape the dough into a log:

Then cut the log in half:

Then cut each piece in half:

And then cut each quarter in two to get eight relatively equal pieces:

Shape each piece into a ball:

Preheat the oven with a baking steel to 565 degrees:

One by one, dunk a ball of dough in flour:

Roll it in the flour:

Flatten the dough with your hands first:

Flip it, and flatten it by hand some more:

Then roll it with a rolling pin:

Flip it and roll with the rolling pin some more:

Flip it onto the peel:

Then bake it on the hot stone for two minutes. Repeat 7 times:

That's it! Pita can be eaten hot!



No knead: Make the yeast do the work for you.​


Crumbs: While baking, cover the dough to obtain a crust.


Reliable: Always measure your ingredients.

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