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Big Pita Biga Day 1

Pita bread is always a hit at our house, and it's always delicious fresh out of the oven. This recipe uses an overnight starter to instill even more flavor and aroma.

What's more? Well, for those loyal Breadsly fans who do not own a scale - you might want to change that - this recipe uses a measuring cup. And, as always, it is a no-knead recipe.

Measure one cup of all purpose flour:

Followed by one cup water at room temperature:

Dissolve a little active-dry yeast in the water cup:

Then add the yeasty water to the flour:

Mix it well until you get a starter like this:

Cover the container and let it sit for 8 hours somewhere warm:

Then, measure a cup white whole wheat flour:

Followed by a second cup white whole wheat flour:

Then a third cup white whole wheat flour:

Measure two thirds of a cup of water:

And dissolve a teaspoon of sea salt in it:

Add all that to the starter:

And mix it until a dough forms:

Cover the container and let it rise overnight somewhere warm.



No knead: Make the yeast do the work for you.​


Crumbs: While baking, cover the dough to obtain a crust.


Reliable: Always measure your ingredients.

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