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Wand Day Three

Today, we're going to use the starter we worked with yesterday to make a baguette.

The starter should look like this:


Measure 100g of all purpose flour:

100g of all purpose flour

And then 9g of salt:

9g of salt

Add the salt and flour to the starter:


And stir it until a dough forms:


Cover it, and let it rise for three hours:

Risen dough

Then, with wet hands, fold left:

Left fold

Fold right:

Fold right

Fold far:

Fold far

Fold near:

Near fold

Cover it and let it rise for an hour to get this:

Before dusting

Preheat the oven with a baking steel to 550 degrees:

Then dust the risen dough with flour:

Dusted dough

Dust the countertop and flip the dough over and out of the container:

Flipped Dough

Fold the sticky side onto itself:

Folded Dough

And flatten it:

Flattened Dough

Then roll it into a stick shape:

Stick shape

Dust a clean kitchen cloth with flour:

And place the dough stick on it:

Then dust the dough stick:

And cover it for half an hour:

To get this:

Flip it gently onto its face:

And then flip it back on to the peel:

Like so:

Time to score it:

Slide it on the steel and cover it for the first 15 minutes:

Remove the cover and reduce the heat to 400 degrees and bake for another 30 minutes:

Remove the bread and let it cool for two hours:




No knead: Make the yeast do the work for you.​


Crumbs: While baking, cover the dough to obtain a crust.


Reliable: Always measure your ingredients.

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