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Starter + Flour + Water = Bread

Today, I'm going to use the starter we put together, and let ferment overnight, and make a loaf of amazing bread without kneading.

Here's what the starter looked like this morning:

Starter with 200g flour and 200g water and a little yeast

We mix that with some flour:

Add 300g of flour

Then add some room temperature water:

Add 200g water

After having dissolved some salt, to taste, in it:

Water with salt stirred in

Putting all that together:

Starter plus 300g flour and 200g water and 8g salt

Then we mix it until we get a shaggy dough that looks something like this:

Shaggy dough

Let it rise for three hours:

First rise

With wet hands, we fold the sides in like an envelope. Left side:

First fold left

Then right:

First fold right

Then far:

First fold far

Then near:

First fold near

Cover and let it sit for an hour:

Hour later

Then repeat the folds. Left fold:

Second fold left

Fold right:

Second fold right

Fold far:

Second fold far

Fold near:

Second fold near

Then cover and let it sit for another hour:

Second hour

Fold number three, notice how the dough starts to resist more as you repeat, left side:

Third fold left

Then right side:

Third fold right

Then far:

Third fold far

Then near:

Third fold near

Cover again and let it sit for an hour:

Third rise

Repeat the folding once more. First left:

Fourth fold left

Then right, far and near:

Fourth fold far

Fourth fold near

Cover and let it sit for another hour:

Fourth rise

The volume starts to increase with each set of folds! We repeat one last time. First left:

Fifth fold left

Then right:

Fifth fold right

Then far:

Fifth fold far

Then near:

Fifth fold near

We cover it and let it sit for another hour. The dough should puff up like this:

Fifth rise

We now cover it with enough flour to prevent it from sticking to our hands:

Floured dough

Work the flour underneath it gently with your floured hands and flip it, floured side down, onto a clean, floured surface:

Flipped dough

Gently fold it onto itself once without much pressure. The side pictured above should still be sticky. I put mine on a piece of parchment paper:

Folded dough

Let the folded dough proof for an hour. It ends up looking like this:

An hour later

Meanwhile, turn on your oven to 450 degrees fahrenheit and let it preheat.

A baking stone works best, if you have one, for baking this bread for 35 minutes:

Puffed up

There it is!


Leave it on a cooling rack for at least two hours:


Then slice and enjoy:

Sliced bread

Nothing beats sliced bread!



No knead: Make the yeast do the work for you.​


Crumbs: While baking, cover the dough to obtain a crust.


Reliable: Always measure your ingredients.

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